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The 9 Best Areas To Stay In The Boston Area

While there are tons of places to stay in and around the city of Boston, these areas are the best for your next New England trip. 

The Best Areas To Stay In The Boston Area 

Back Bay 

This popular and luxurious area in Boston is a shopping and dining destination for locals and tourists alike.

Back Bay is one of the more affluent recognized neighborhoods in Boston, filled with elegant brick townhouses, designer boutiques, art galleries, patio cafes, and historic mansions.

It’s not only one of the most desirable places to live in the city but also one of the best areas to stay in when visiting the city. If shopping the high-end stores and visiting the numerous museums in the city of Boston is on your to-do list, this neighborhood will be the best option.

There are tons of glitzy hotels and apartments in the area, so you should be able to find a place to stay with no problem. Back Bay is easily one of the nicest places to stay while in the city of Boston. 

Beacon Hill 

One of the historical and most picturesque neighborhoods in the city of Boston, this is a great place to say when you’re visiting from out of town.

Beacon Hill is a steep hilly area where you’ll find the Massachusetts State House along with Federal-style homes, brick houses, and antique lanterns along the streets.

Here there is plenty to do from chic boutique stores, antique shops, and the beautiful Public Garden area. Along with some of the most beautiful views in the city, the charm of the historic streets will be a draw for any visitor.

There are diverse restaurants to enjoy, and the dense urban feel is almost comforting rather than overwhelming. Beacon Hill’s historic area will be one of the best areas to stay. 


While this isn’t a Boston neighborhood but rather a neighboring town, it’s still one of the best areas to stay in when you’re visiting this New England area.

Cambridge is just across the Charles River from Boston, making it a quick trip to move between the two cities.

This city is home to the beautiful and historic Harvard University and its museum spaces. Like most college towns, this city is walkable, and there are tons of cafes, bars, and bookstores to explore.

The feel of this area is different, almost a curiosity in the air that comes with the prestigious universities surrounding the city.

Cambridge continues the historic feel of Boston while offering a new perspective and environment, perfect for staying in a while visiting the city. 


When the historic parts of the city are what you’re after, there is really only one area you’ll want to stay in. Downtown Boston is the place to be when American history is the highlight of your trip.

Along with five-star hotels and unforgettable high-end cuisine found in this area, you’re also just steps from some of the most famous historical places in the United States.

From this central area, you’ll have access to the Old State House and Faneuil Hall, along with the sprawling city parks like the Public Garden and Boston Common. Enjoy fresh seafood restaurants, classic pubs, and even more. Staying in the Downtown Boston area is always a good option. 


This popular portion of the city of Boston is home to the iconic Fenway baseball park. Fenway-Kenmore is a destination spot in the city for sports fans, as the Red Sox draw massive crowds each time they play at home.

Not only will sports fans love to stay in this area, but there is plenty to do with the cultural institutions like the public museums and even a rose garden with walking trails.

There is a nearby college in this part of Boston, so you’re also likely to see a younger lively crowd which also means there are plenty of pubs, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy in this area.

Fenway-Kenmore offers a unique experience and creates a welcoming place to stay in the city. 

North End 

This maze of narrow streets is actually the oldest neighborhood in the city of Boston and creates a unique backdrop for a weekend in the city.

North End is home to some of the city’s oldest buildings, along with numerous Italian restaurants and pastry shops, plus old-school delis along the popular Hanover Street.

Both historians and foodies will thrive in this area. The self-guided Freedom Trail snakes right through this neighborhood, and there is a large number of restaurants to enjoy while along the route.

You’ll be staying just steps away from the Paul Revere House and some of the most important American history from the Revolutionary War. North End in Boston is a unique and unforgettable place to stay while in the city. 

Seaport District 

This waterfront neighborhood is a redeveloped area that offers a truly urban city feel along with some of the most picturesque views of the city and surrounding water.

Seaport District is a bustling neighborhood filled with a unique appeal and large sleek buildings with a modern edge.

The Institute of Contemporary Art is found in this neighborhood along with public green areas where they offer concerts in the summer and plenty of cafe tables along the waterfront to enjoy views and lunch.

You’ll find an impressive selection of sleek hotels and upscale dining in this neighborhood, and Seaport District will quickly become one of your favorite places to stay while in Boston. 

South End 

This Boston neighborhood borders the Back Bay and Chinatown neighborhoods and is a distinguished and culturally rich area.

South End is filled with Victorian row houses and English-style squares, plus there are so many popular bistros, trendy restaurants, and nightlife that’s welcoming for everyone.

The art scene is strong in this neighborhood, and many of the large buildings in the area contain galleries, studios, and home decor shops.

You’ll also find the farmers market with artisan collections that are open from May-October each year. The South End creates a unique, culturally diverse area that will make your trip to Boston even more unforgettable. 

West End 

This is another redeveloped neighborhood in Boston that’s filled with high-rise buildings and a large local hospital.

West End is a bustling neighborhood, but it also contains some of the draws to the city, including the nearby Museum of Science and the TD Garden, where games and concerts are hosted.

When you’re in Boston for a specific event, this neighborhood may be one of the best to stay in, as you’ll have close access to this main event space.

The TD Garden houses many events throughout the year, so this is a busy space no matter the time of year, and there are plenty of sports bars, pubs, and cheap restaurants that make a night out even more fun. West End is a great Boston neighborhood to stay in a while visiting the city. 

Final Thoughts

When you’re searching for the best places to stay while visiting Boston, any of these spots is the perfect contender for the perfect weekend in the city.