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The 10 Best Neighborhoods in the Boston Area

Whether you’re moving to Boston or looking for a new area within the city, these are the best neighborhoods for every individual.

The Best Neighborhoods in Boston

Back Bay

This affluent neighborhood is home to the popular Newbury Street, which is filled with boutique shops and trendy restaurants.

Back Bay is one of the most photogenic neighborhoods in Boston, with historic brick homes and what most people picture when they think of a New England city.

This neighborhood is also home to Copley Square, where you’ll find 1800s landmarks, art galleries, and patio cafes, all set in large brick buildings.

Plenty of homes and apartments are available here, perfect for anyone looking to live in a serene and upscale area. Back Bay is easily one of the nicest neighborhoods within the city of Boston.

Beacon Hill

Another of Boston’s most photogenic areas, this neighborhood is filled with historic lantern-lit Victorian brick-row houses and Federal-style homes.

Beacon Hill is home to Boston Common and the gold-domed State House, plus the formal Public Garden.

Along the river here, they host summer concerts and other events going on within the common areas. Charles Street runs through this area, where you’ll find boutiques and antique shops, all creating a charming and welcoming atmosphere.

This quaint neighborhood is well known as a residential dream and home to many families of all ages. Beacon Hill is one of the oldest and most popular residential areas that might be the perfect place to call home.


This little Boston neighborhood used to be its own town and is more recently a popular area for younger couples and singles to move in.

Brighton-Allston area was initially part of Cambridge but has since become a well-loved neighborhood in Boston.

Here you’ll find both Boston College and Boson University, which makes these neighborhood areas a haven for young adult professionals and college students.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars, meaning you won’t need to travel into the city to have a great time.

The food scene is impressive, with lots of local options, and there’s a quick escape to nature with the nearby Chestnut Hill Reservoir. The residential area of Brighton-Allston is perfect for a younger individual or couple looking for a new home.


This area isn’t just well known in Boston for being a dream destination to live; it’s actually been ranked one of the best in the country.

Brookline is a terrific Boston neighborhood, but buyers beware it is a pricey area. Like most neighborhoods set far from the city and filled with greenery, this is an affluent community.

Tom Brady is one of the famous names to call this area home. It’s still a very popular area among young families and offers a great spot to watch the famous Boston Marathon.

There are a ton of restaurants and bars that will fill your night-out needs, and for anything else, the city isn’t too far away. If you can afford it, Brookline is a great place to move in.


This is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Boston just north of the main city, with super close-knit vibes.

Charlestown offers a small community feel and is a popular destination for anyone interested in American history.

Here you’ll find the USS Constitution along the waterfront and Bunker Hill Monument towering overhead.

There isn’t much nightlife in this area; it’s more of a residential hub, but perfect for those seeking a more quiet life. Locals here will often be found at the Charlestown Navy Yard in the summer for the many events, beer gardens, and restaurants offered.

This neighborhood is also home to the oldest tavern in Boston. Charlestown may be a quaint and quiet spot, but that’s the perfect living environment for some people.

East Boston

Those who live in this area may be referred to as Easties, and this neighborhood is pretty separated from the rest of Boston.

East Boston is accessed only by tunnel and can be found across the Boston Harbor from the rest of the city.

This area is definitely more focused on the working class and is more old-school than many of the other up-and-coming neighborhoods in the city.

Convenient for those who travel often, Logan airport isn’t far from this area.

This area is overall pretty quiet, but even these locals can get down on the weekends, so expect the town to get a little rowdier after regular hours.

East Boston offers a different way of living in the ever-growing city of Boston.


Drawing inspiration from the famous Fenway Park, this neighborhood is a hub for lots of Boston medical professionals, with many hospitals and learning centers nearby.

Fenway-Kenmore is surrounded by the Brigham Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital, and many other medical-related practices.

However, this area is also a haven for artists as there are many fine arts-related museums nearby, and the population tends to be younger with the nearby colleges and universities.

Of course, baseball fans will want to live in this neighborhood, too, as Fenway Park is here and surrounded by plenty of restaurants and bars.

Fenway-Kenmore has a lot to offer young professionals and other families too.

Jamaica Plain

Southwest of downtown Boston is where you’ll find this extremely popular neighborhood.

Jamaica Plain is home to a diverse group of people ranging in age from young college students to elderly retired individuals.

This area is well known for being LGBTQIA-friendly and tends to have more liberal views.

Here you’ll find the perfect combination of city life and natural habitat with the Jamaica Pond and Arnold Arboretum plus Franklin Park, all found within this neighborhood.

These areas are typically filled with people walking dogs and running, even fishing on the pond when the weather is nice.

Here you’ll find condos and the famous Sam Adams brewery too. Jamaica Plain is a terrific area for anyone looking to move into Boston.

South Boston

Living here will earn you the nickname of Southie, and it is a neighborhood currently undergoing a large shift.

South Boston has traditionally been an Irish working-class community, but in recent years more young adults and young families have been moving into the area.

New faces won’t change the heritage of this area, however, as Irish culture is proudly shown, and this neighborhood is home to the city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

There are waterfront parks to explore, plus plenty of restaurants and bars to go out for the night. South Boston is a great option for anyone moving to the Boston area.


Not technically part of Boston, but close enough that even locals consider it part of the city.

Somerville is one neighborhood that’s densely populated with young adults and tends to have a crunchier and more progressive feel than other surrounding areas.

This area is broken down into many squares, similar to nearby Cambridge, and many of the historical homes here are triple-story with wrap-around porches.

Also a popular area for nature lovers. You’ll see many bikers, and there’s a tree-lined trail to explore.

Somerville is one of the busier areas outside of downtown Boston, but it’s a worthy choice for anyone moving in.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you’re looking for nightlife or nature, these neighborhoods in Boston have everything you’re looking for.

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