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The 10 Best Colleges in the Boston Area

Higher education has always been an important part of the culture surrounding Boston.

Many prestigious and world-renowned universities can be found here, and here are the best colleges in and around the city.

The Best Colleges in the Boston Area

Babson College

Just outside of Boston in Wellesley, Massachusetts, you’ll find this accredited private 4-year college.

Babson College is a private business school that opened in 1919, and the focus has always been entrepreneurial education.

Up until 1970, this college was an all-male facility and is now home to men and women alike, all looking to further their business knowledge.

They’ve managed to hold the #1 ranking for entrepreneurial business for the last two decades because of their celebrated undergrad and graduate programs.

With over 43,000 alumni from over 125 countries, Babson College is one of the best in the Boston area and the world for business education.

  • Location: Wellesley, MA

Bentley University

Another university that’s not too far outside of Boston is a private 4-year university with offerings of many programs.

Bentley University in Waltham, MA, is well known as a go-to for business, accounting, and other finance-driven degrees.

Founded in 1917, since then, they’ve created programs that will help you succeed no matter what direction you choose to go.

While the university is built around business, they have many undergraduate and graduate programs to help you further your education and create a solid basis of knowledge for many careers.

#2 in undergraduate career services and with a 99% job placement rate, Bentley University is considered one of the best in the Boston area for a good reason.

  • Location: Waltham, MA

Boston College

While this college is named after the city itself, you’ll find this higher education campus in Chestnut Hill, MA.

Boston College was founded in 1863 and has continued to be a private Jesuit research university and is now home to almost 15,000 students.

This is the first institution of higher education to ever operate within the city of Boston and is now known as one of the nation’s foremost universities.

They’re well known as a leader in liberal arts, scientific inquiry, and student formation.

Boston College has a long legacy of being one of the best universities in the city and New England area.

  • Location: Chestnut Hill, MA

Boston University

This university originated in Newbury, Vermont but moved to Boston in 1869, where it remains today.

Boston University is a private 4-year research university and is one of the leading research institutions in the world.

They have two main campuses in the heart of Boston as well as programs and outreach areas all across the globe.

The acceptance rate here is low; only 19% of those who apply actually get in.

However, the research and findings of this university win awards, and they continue to make groundbreaking findings in many topics, with over 200 companies using findings from the university to better their products.

Boston University continues to be one of the best research institutions not only in Massachusetts but in the world.

  • Location: Boston, MA

Brandeis University

On the site of the former Middlesex University, you’ll find this private 4-year college.

Brandeis University was founded in 1948 and was sponsored by the Jewish community.

This college has a liberal arts focus, and this medium-sized educational intuition has a global reach continuing to make groundbreaking discoveries all over the globe.

Led by a faculty of leaders and experts in their field, they lead students to explore new and challenging experiences to create compassionate and curious individuals. Brandeis University believes in learning, engaging, and leading, which is exactly what classes will be like at this world-renowned research university.

  • Location: Waltham, MA

Harvard University

One of the most recognizable names in almost all of the world, this university has some of the best notoriety of any.

Harvard University is a well-known leader in research as a private Ivy-League institution with a focus on business and law.

Just outside of Boston in Cambridge, this university has stood in the same spot since it was founded in 1636.

Devoted to teaching, learning, researching, and developing leaders, some of the best and brightest minds have graduated from this well-known educational institution.

With a world-class faculty, groundbreaking research, and a non-stop drive for education, Harvard University has been named #1 in the world in the most recent rankings.

  • Location: Cambridge, MA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This university is probably better known for its acronym and the brainiacs that graduate from its walls.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, is a world leader in key findings and educational drives in the fields of technology and science.

Nearby the also well-known Harvard University, this campus is also found in the prestigious Cambridge, MA.

Established in 1861, since then, they’ve remained a private land-grant university that pushes for groundbreaking research and findings that have driven some of the world’s most recent greatest inventions.

The acceptance rate is less than 4% making it also one of the hardest universities to get into. However, MIT is also one of the best in the Boston area and the world.

  • Location: Cambridge, MA

Northeastern University

A university like no other, this private research institution has its main campus in the city of Boston.

Northeastern University offers undergraduate and graduate programs and offers numerous programs for any future you’re aiming for.

With over 150+ certificates and degrees available, they’re one of the best for general education or those who are unsure of the exact route they want to take.

The options are endless, and the staff is dedicated to your education and furthering your career.

With around 15,000 students on campus, they’re a medium-sized school, not overwhelming but still creating its own community.

Northeastern University is a great general-education private institution in Boston.

  • Location: Boston, MA

Tufts University

On another short trip outside of Boston, you’ll find this world-class private research university.

Tufts University in the Greater Boston area provides an educational experience like no other.

Founded in 1852, they’ve excelled to become a sought-after institution for higher education in a multitude of fields.

They have over 90 undergraduate majors to pick from; these programs will help you grow and push you to ask bold questions while growing intellectually.

98% of their grads are placed in a job within 6 months of graduation, and their research dedication is unmatched.

Tufts University is an impressive and dedicated institution to bettering your knowledge.

  • Location: Medford, MA

Wellesley College

A unique institution among the others on this list, this space is a women’s private liberal arts school just a short trip from Boston.

Wellesley College is dedicated to creating an experience that both educates and inspires each student who crosses through their campus.

This university has many well-known alumni, including Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright.

They have a large number of undergrad and graduate programs to offer, which will allow you to further your education and set yourself up for a filling future.

For over 100 years, Wellesley College has helped women who are committed to making a difference.

  • Location: Wellesley, MA

Final Thoughts

With so many options for earning a degree, you’ll have a tough time deciding between these great colleges and universities in and around Boston.