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The 10 Best Sandwiches in Boston

The 10 Best Sandwiches in Boston

There’s nothing better than a fresh and flavorful sandwich for lunch or almost any meal. Luckily Boston has plenty of sandwich options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

The Best Sandwiches in Boston

Al’s South Street Cafe 

When you’re looking for made-to-order subs for there or on the go, look no further than this popular Boston spot.

Al’s South Street Cafe is a bustling family-owned spot where you’ll find your favorite combinations of sandwiches along with options to customize.

Everything here is gourmet, and you’ll be impressed not only with the sub-topping options but the soups and salads offered too. Choose large or small; even substitute a wrap instead of a sub-bread.

These gourmet options come in hot or cold combinations, so no matter what you’re craving, they’ve got it covered. Al’s South Street Cafe is a popular sub-shop in Boston for a good reason. 

  • Location: 179 Essex St, Boston, MA 02111

Archie’s New York Deli 

Enjoy the flavors and atmosphere of a classic New York deli without having to travel to the Big Apple.

Archie’s New York Deli brings all your favorite things from a NY deli right to Boston in this daytime deli location.

Indulge in sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with plenty of options to kick your cravings all day long. Start the day with a NY favorite.

This bagel sandwich is filled with egg, cream cheese, and your choice of breakfast meat. However, the menu is chock full of delicious options that will fill you up and get the day going.

Lunch is just the same, with classic and unique options. Archies New York Deli is a staple spot for all your sandwich needs. 

  • Location: 101 Arch St #150, Boston, MA 02110

Billy’s Sub Shop 

Here you’ll find a no-frills spot that serves over-the-counter sandwiches and other delicious easy eats.

Billy’s Sub Shop is found within Boston’s South End and has been serving the neighborhood area for over 30 years.

Stop here for breakfast or lunch; you’ll be impressed with all the options on the menu. Sandwiches and wraps here are never over-the-top, just basic classic meals that will hit the spot and fix your cravings.

Order a favorite, like a buffalo chicken wrap or their pastrami. Billy’s Sub Shop is a South End staple for breakfast and lunch sandwiches. 

  • Location: 57 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116



Another South End spot, this one will surprise and delight with unique and satisfying sandwich options.

Blunch has a menu filled with homemade pressed sandwiches along with other tasty bites for breakfast and lunch.

You’ll be impressed with their creative menu filled with all your favorite flavors, plus some combinations you may have never tried before.

The options seem endless for both breakfast and lunch, so you can start or continue your day with delicious eats. Blunch is one sandwich spot you won’t want to pass up. 

  • Location: 59 E Springfield St, Boston, MA 02118

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe 

Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe 

This landmark location has been open since 1927 and is a tiny no-nonsense, classic diner.

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe creates the food you love at any time of day, including its incredible sandwich options.

Not only will the menu impress you, but the feel of this classic diner will also take you back to better times and create a welcoming feel no matter what time of day you stop in.

This bit of nostalgia is paired with all the classic foods you love, like Reuben, BLT, and more. Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe is the best place in Boston for signature sandwiches. 

  • Location: 429 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116

Ethel & Andy’s Sandwich Shop 

Head to the South Side of Boston for a taste of this family-owned sandwich shop.

Ethel & Andy’s Sandwich Shop is a staple spot for both breakfast and lunch options that most locals can’t get enough of.

Everything on the menu is made from scratch, and you’ll have the option to customize your meal. Available for take out or delivery, this tiny space doesn’t have much room to eat inside.

Start your day right with a breakfast sandwich with your choice of meat, or take a midday break with a classic hot or cold sandwich. Ethel & Andy’s provides a terrific spread of sandwich options for any time of day. 

  • Location: 134 K St, Boston, MA 02127 

Figaro’s Boston 

Figaro's Boston 

A local go-to for gourmet sandwiches since 2002, this family-run Italian deli just can’t be missed.

Figaro’s Boston creates elevated handhelds and other fare that are the perfect addition to any day.

For either breakfast or lunch, even catering, this spot has you covered for all sandwich-related needs.

You’ll be impressed with the Italian-style eats, all inspired by classic dishes and flavors from the culture.

That paired with more traditional American classics and even more incredible options. Figaro’s Boston has everything you need for a delicious sandwich-based meal. 

  • Location: 105 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

Mike & Patty’s 

Mike & Patty's 

This corner cafe provides locals with a selection of delicious sandwiches from breakfast to lunch options.

Mike & Patty’s is an all-American cafe-style restaurant that prepares a variety of classic and unique options perfect for any time of day.

They’ve been praised by many local publications and even won awards for the delicious food they prepare each day.

Home of the well-known “Fancy,” this mile-high sandwich is piled with two fried eggs, bacon, cheddar, avocado, red onion, and house mayo, all between toasted multigrain bread.

Mike & Patty’s is a famous local go-to, and after just one visit, you’ll understand why. 

  • Location: 12 Church St, Boston, MA 02116

Sally’s Sandwiches 

Sally's Sandwiches 

Here you’ll find a laid-back spot for counter-service to-go sandwiches in a wide variety of flavors and combinations.

Sally’s Sandwiches is a dedicated neighborhood go-to for some of the best breakfast and sandwich options, including rotating seasonal specialties.

You’ll be impressed with these high-quality selections made with only the best ingredients, and each sandwich is made-to-order with care.

Enjoy breakfast options to get your day started right, or make your midday break even better with the wraps and other classic handheld options on the menu.

Sally’s Sandwiches is a dedicated place to get delicious sandwiches in Boston. 

  • Location: 492 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

Sam LaGrassa’s 

For over 35 years, this Boston staple has been providing the locals with what’s been called the No 1 Sandwiches in the city.

Sam LaGrassa’s had to make our list of the best sandwiches in Boston because they make the best sandwiches in Boston.

Not only will you get to indulge in your favorite classic handheld recipes, but you’ll also find more unique options you won’t find anywhere else.

Eat in-store or take your meal to go; they even offer catering for bigger groups or parties. Cold or hot, pressed, wrapped, or however you want it to be prepared.

Sam LaGrassa’s is Boston’s favorite sandwich shop and will quickly become yours too. 

  • Location: 44 Province St, Boston, MA 02108

Final Thoughts

Perfect for starting the day right, a quick bite at lunch, or a great option at dinner. Sandwiches are a meal you can customize and make your own, and you can indulge in these great options in Boston.